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5 out 10 jobs in five ASEAN countries at risk of automation
Asian Development Bank Learning 4.0
What are the limits to our competitive advantage forecasts?
MITI National Industry 4.0
96% of ASEAN CEOs believe Industry 4.0 will transform business models
McKinsey Leadership 4.0
ROI results range from 0.3 times to 4.0 times of learning investment
Maybank Digital Awareness
Enhanced decision-making with real-time data anywhere, at any time
Petronas Data Analytics
In 2017, through tough times, Nestlé at the top with a 15.5% market share
Nestlé Human-Centered Design
Superior technologies and inspiring stories of success at the show
2007 Kuala Lumpur
BBC Anchor Veronica Pedrosa hosting HR Talk Show 2011
2011 Kuala Lumpur
HR Talk Show 2018 is at the cutting edge of 4IR. Be first to market.
2018 Kuala Lumpur
Your most-awaited interactions with inspiring leaders of our time
Speakers Clarity
Get ahead with revolutionary tools and take back quality relationships
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Session 1 The World in 2018
In the AI world, you have a moment to transform to be good enough.
Session 2 Delivering Value 4.0
The world run by millennials at the helm will be a strange thing.
Session 3 Workplace Futurization
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HR Talk Show recognizes leaders with foundational work in HR
Philosophy Founders' Prize
Mrs Nora Manaf, CHCO, Maybank - Founders' Prize for Leadership 2015
2015 Leadership Prize Recipient
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  • Conference | 24 Apr 2019
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Benchmark True-to-life Strategies
As ASEAN takes a dominant role in the world economy, ASEAN CEOs and CHROs are intensifying their transitioning efforts to becoming digital enterprises.
Over 40 CHROs, CEOs and 500 top HR leaders use mindfulness to achieve high dividend yields and employee well-being in today’s digital speed. Frame specific questions relevant to your company and generate specific hypotheses for solutions.
CEO Keynote BAT Malaysia
Erik will show how he drives BAT Malaysia's successful business outcomes by setting stretched goals, driving line managers to inspire team, and closing the 'thinking' culture loop with a 'thanking' element. Meet Erik at the HR Talk Show 2018.
Meet Nora who, in the pursuit of reimagining work and adopting new technologies in ASEAN's second largest bank, will reveal how to not lose sight on how people connect and collaborate (and as importantly, when they want to disconnect), how teams co-create, what motivates different segments of the workforce, and how they experience a sense of well-being and purpose through work.
HR Roadmap India, ASEAN, and Middle East
For companies in emerging markets, and especially Asia, old organizational models are no longer sustainable in today’s world. We are now entering a time of great change, with major societal, technological, and political trends reshaping the environment in which companies operate. Sunder uncovers insights from India, ASEAN and the Middle East.
Women in Leadership Business Case
According to a US study, Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams experienced better financial performance than companies with the lowest women’s representation, on measures of ROE (35.1 percent higher) and Total Return to Shareholders (34 percent higher). Claudia will lead women CEOs and CHROs to glean the ASEAN perspective.
Digital Economy Recruitment
A world of abundant economic inputs is leading to a focus on cost, efficiency, and speed. Overall, talent is less scarce, and the factors for dominance in a market niche are changing. Meanwhile, various business units may now each require a distinct operating model that cannot be delivered optimally from a single corporate center. Fong Tuan takes the lead discussing ASEAN-specific experience in recruitment and retention.
Companies in Asia Pacific are beginning to take a more holistic view of their total rewards philosophy across the contractual, experiential and emotional aspects of the employee value proposition. Sureash will lead the panel with Petronas' Head of Comp & Ben, Akmal Niza Ahmad and Villa Ouk, CHRO at Peng Huoth Group.
Beyond automation, the big topic in business today is productivity. We are now working on agile, team-centric organizations, and we are overwhelmed with too much to do. Burnout, focus, and employee engagement are all issues, and we are now dealing with email, messaging from many different systems, and a plethora of communication tools that overwhelm most of us. Karen leads us to a mindful consideration of working with technology.
Reskilling Lifelong Learning
Now we enter Industry 4.0, where we get to meet the Smart Factory, in which cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes of a factory and make decentralized decisions, communicating and cooperating both with each other and with humans in real time via the wireless web. How do we prepare our young workers for this next wave? Petronas Leadership CEO Nor Hazleen Madros shares insights together with Nestlé, Coca Cola, Standard Charterd and Venator Asia.
Agility Organizational Development
The relentless pace of change puts a premium on the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions—in other words, to be agile. Agility combines two distinct concepts: dynamic capabilities, such as the ability to rapidly form cross-functional teams and reprioritize tasks to adapt quickly, and a stable backbone of core value-adding processes and cultural norms that provide resilience, reliability, and relentless efficiency. Go-Jek's Dr. Susan Chen, SVP of OD and Transformation will lead a groundbreaking panel.
Digital HR IoT, AI, and Machine Learning
Organizations have been digitizing for decades, but the digital revolution is still only just beginning. Within a few years, the Internet of Things will consist of more than a trillion sensors that generate and share data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer science fiction, and human–machine interaction is becoming ever more frequent. How have IoT, AI and Machine Learning been successfully used in other organizations to improve productivity and performance? Dr Mohammad Shahir and Dr Lye Kim Soon, DKSH's Global Strategy Director will lead this panel.
Rapid Due Diligence Scenario Models
In our everyday lives we communicate efficiently with short phrases such as “Severe weather forecast”, “Aircraft arrival delay” or “Industrial real estate rezoning”. In English language, these are referred to as “noun-phrases”.
Millennials are no longer a small group of new university graduates. In many companies, they occupy managerial roles and are starting to climb into the executive ranks. As they rise through the organization, millennials will bring their own ideas about collaboration, accountability, and the use of technology. How can you, as a leader, design an environment that works with millennial managers at the helm?
Wilson and his team at Amplios developed a method for building scenarios based on a selected set of noun-phrases. Thus, the label of the scenario (for example, “Malaysian Infrastructure Investment Worst Case”) can be used to communicate a very complex story to an informed group. This masterclass is designed to introduce this method via interactive scenario model building.
Gold Sponsor People Analytics
Today there is a tremendous shift from companies “playing with models” to companies “seriously investing in infrastructure” to bring all their people data together. How can you use People Analytics technology to assist your managers and HR team in getting the best out of each of your employees?
Facilitator Wilson Fyffe
Wilson will lead this masterclass. He has direct experience in more than 30 industries over a period of 30 years and has prepared more than 40 business plans. His work has been published by the KPI Institute and by futurist Woody Wade.
Bronze Sponsor Payroll Management
Payroll Management is a fundamental business requirement demanding compliant and accurate financial controls in a timely manner. What tools are available to assist managers and the HR team in controlling the workforce costs, while ensuring that the entire workforce is being paid on time and according to the company’s compensation rules?

Where is the talent for the 'fourth industrial revolution'?

Punit Renjen of Deloitte says there is concern among executives over how to train and find the workers needed for the new economy.